State of Mind

My art is a symbolic representation of my inner world, and the process of Art is catharsis to me. I prefer to place this portfolio at the corner of my mind, hidden behind my self; and tend never relate with my very intimate works of Art, which are of much greater importance.

In visual design I create graphics based on my own interpretation of client works / needs thus reflecting my thoughts and perception of matter into visual aesthetics. My visual works are available for competitions, sonorous art – for physical compilations. In parallel to fine art, with time I developed skills to produce visual work strong enough to suit client needs, yet I prefer work for alternative sub-culture. I am not limited with themes but prefer Death-related subject, concepts of 'hidden', abstraction and minimalism. While working on demand I pay major importance to visual aesthetic, ambience and high definition.

The medium I use are variety of painting techniques, photography, printmaking, digital and traditional methods as well as audio art, if needed. Things I can help with includes but not limited to:

– Identity (logos, sigil, monograms, signatures, etc)
– Artwork (packaging of CD / DVD / Tape / Vinyl)
– Book covers and illustrations
– Posters and visual language
– Web related graphics
– Hand-written innovative fonts
– Sound design (games, film soundtrack)

If, looking for high definition visual solution, by some bizarre twist of fate, thee happen to like any particular work of this humble corner, or off the corner at the other side of my self, thee should not hesitate to approach me with thine inquiries at

I do not work with subject that is not able to challenge me, nor is related to my interests. Alas I am not volunteering for free (but sometimes prefer rare items or some-thing unique) – apart the charges bellow, credits is a requirement on artwork for music albums or web graphics.


Identity: Logo, sigil, monograms, signatures - €60EUR
[depending on complexity]

T-shirt design - €40EUR

Painting as digital illustration * - €90EUR

Printmaking as digital illustration * - €150EUR

Poster / Flyer - €30EUR

Website graphics & coding - €200EUR

Photograph * - €80EUR

CD | DVD | Vinyl | Tape & any music related artwork including cover, j-card, CD on-body print, inlay, wrap, booklets - from €80EUR

* - including digital modification, if needed.
Work usually done within 3 - 5 working days.

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