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For a long time in my life the most sincere pursuit was realization of all the things painful into creative form. Still this remains very significant aspect of my life. I am full of it: irreversible changes caused by the distresses, bitterness of downfall, old scars of sorrow, grief and disappointments; along with all the pain absorbed from relatives and strangers. In the moments of hardship it helped them to revive, to achieve a relief... moments, in which by bizarre twist of fortuity I was given the opportunity to stand alongside, to listen and absorb.

Sincere art is a ritual that requires abnegation - sacrifice - dedication. Thus I spend my all essence of life to this labour. Every piece of my work is a rendering of gained negativity into physical act, supported by shape, colour, texture and / or sound. Thereby I find the meaning to my existence in this morbid planet - creation and destruction as an expression of negativity and hence neutralization of it in order to achieve a holistic state of being.

I envision Art as a step beyond ourselves and consider my works as a products of dying instant dominated by illusion and moulded from absorbed pain. As a seed in the soil that absorbs the moisture of rain to subsequently grow its fruits. Our pain is profound - 'tis the energy, rendered into distinctive form.

- Videl D. W. Velsmord

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